“This course led me into the world of DeFi within the hour.
Had I tried it myself, it would have cost me many days of trial and error
on the one hand, and uncertainty, fear, and frustration on the other


I joined Lucien's live workshop on DeFi. With clarity and patience, Lucien helped me set up my accounts. His guidance was detailed, clear and very friendly. After the workshop I felt knowledgeable and confident enough to further explore the world of DeFi by myself. His enthusiasm is infectious. The way Lucien speaks about the revolution of money is inspiring. I would highly recommend joining one of Lucien's courses.

Jeroen van Weeghel . www.linkedin.com/in/jvanweeghel/

I earned the money for the course back in a week.
It's well composed, gives useful context,
and opened up a completely new world for me.

Johan groothuyzen

This is exactly what I needed. After losing quite some money
with Altcoins, I love the steady growth of my crypto saving account.
It's a whole new attitude to crypto, but with patience
and in time, the gains will be higher

Mays, www.healthymays.com

What do you learn with this course?

You Install the MetaMask and Binance Smart Chain Wallet
You start using Pancakeswap within the hour
You learn to stake your crypto in farms
You Become confident with Crypto
You create passive income
You save time

About the creator

About the creator

* Crypto educator and crypto blogger for 4 years.
* Owner of the Medium Publication ‘Spirit of Crypto’
* 100.000 readers and 500 blogs in 4 years on Medium
* I published the Crypto starters Guide for non-techies
* I’ve been team member of ThreeFold for 2 years, the decentralized Internet builder

My passion is to explain to people the revolutionary side of crypto and to help secure their fiat money in the new revolution, that of decentralized money. (Defi)

I know how it feels to lose money with crypto. In fact, I lost 3 bitcoins and got addicted to trading. Than I discovered Decentralized Finance. DeFi saved my passion for Crypto, since now I have a tool to make impressive profits with low risk. But more importantly, without losing time watching screens all day in stress and frustration. Now, I have more time to spend with my friends, I feel competent and I make money while I sleep.
Everybody deserves a piece of the Cypto Cake
That’s why I designed this step-by-step course so you can start saving with your crypto, like the good old days with the banks. Instead, this time, you own your money and you make 10x more interest.
All you need is patience.

How does this Ecourse work?

It’s a 26 page PDF course with screenshots of every step
You can be a Cryptobeginner, but there is one condition to start :
You need the amount you like to invest in Binance Coin (BNB)

It's fun

Why the Binance smart chain?

I specialized in crypto savings on the Binance network, the Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
This is because the network costs on this network are very low compared to the Ethereum Network. 
Also, they’ve been around for three years with a current daily trading volume of around 800 million within a staggering 24 billion market cap. 
Nearly 10 million people worldwide already use Pancake swap and that number is growing since more and more people worldwide
discover decentralised finance as the future of saving.




Time for some Q&A

Q: What do I get?

A: You get a single PDF. It's a professional, downloadable document, in full-color, suitable for printing.
26 pages of pure and impressive passive income waiting for you

Q: How long will this Ecourse take to complete?

A: You will make it through the course in less than an hour, depending on your kick-ass computer skills

Q: Really, why the heck you charge $49 for a PDF?

A: The PDF is the package, Grashopper. It took me 4 years into the cryptospace,
learning about it's dynamics and oppertunities (and massive scams) and discerning for you the savest and most
enjoyable way to make passive income without a heart attack

Q: Can I stop pancakeswapping anytime?

A: Absolutely. There are small costs involved, called smart contracts.
Don't stop too early for you not to benefit the juices of your crypto's labor.

Q: Will I get rich quick?

A: Sorry pal, you need some patience for this DeFi game.
The higher the yield, the higher the risk. My advice is to start humbled and get the gist of farming first

Q: What if I need additional support?

A: Depending on your basic technical knowledge and your question,
reach out to me and I give you the support you need

Q: What is the a minimal investment required?

A: In the course, I use $180 as investment, but you can start with $20,- when you like, or $200.000,-